– Excisão e sutura: retirada cirúrgica completa do cisto.

– Incisão.

– Drenagem do conteúdo do cisto.

– Destruição da cápsula com cáusticos.

– Cistos inflamados devem ser tratados com anti-inflamatórios e antibióticos.


– Evite espremer os cistos.

– Evite roupas justas e quentes.

– Evite atrito nas regiões afetadas.


Cistos sebáceos apresentam lesões esféricas, geralmente móveis, indolores, que variam de pequenos cistos até lesões com vários centímetros. As regiões mais afetadas são a cabeça, o pescoço e o tronco.


They are relatively common benign tumors derived from skin annexes whose content varies from liquid to pasty. The cysts are found mainly in the scalp and the chest and they are usually solitary but can appear in small numbers. The multiple cysts appear in acne and in some specific disorders. The skin which covers the cyst is moveable except near the small central hole. This hole which is in the majority of epidermoid cysts and bacteria can enter it and causes extravasation of fat content with keratin.


– Excision and suture: complete surgical removal of the cyst;

– Incision;

– Drainage of the contents of the cyst;

– Destruction of the capsule with caustic;

– Inflamed cysts should be treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory.


– Avoid squeezing cysts;

– Avoid tight clothes;

– Avoid rubbing the affected regions.

Sebaceous Cyst

Sebaceous cysts have spherical lesions. They are often movable, painless, ranging from small cysts to injuries with several centimeters. The regions most affected are the head, neck and torso.