Limpeza de Pele

Skin Cleansing
The skin is our largest organ and a thin waterproof barrier that protects from UV rays, pollution and climate change, for example. It also removes toxins, regulates the temperature of the body and distributes oxygen and nutrients. So taking care of it correctly is the key.

To get any deeper facial treatment or keep the skin clean and hydrated, the first step is the skin cleansing! It can be made on any person since there is no medical restriction and even on any type of skin including the black ones.

Besides the skin cleansing removes the dirt that is in the stratum corneum due to climate changes and pollution, it oxidizes and improves the look of the skin through exfoliation, returning its brightness and preventing aging appearance. Depending on skin type, the skin cleansing must be done once a month or every two months.

But to continue the treatment, we cannot forget to clean it every day in the morning and at night. Never sleep with makeup and do not leave the house without a moisturizer with sunscreen which is easily found in the market.